What would you like to apply for?

We have a wide range of funds and programmes (over 70!) that each have their own criteria. Most of our funds offer grants to organisations, though a few offer funding to individuals through referrers (see Grants for Individuals below).

Our minimum grant size for organisations is £1,500 and our average is £4,500 but each fund has its own guide or maximum grant size.

If you are an organisation looking for a grant for up to £10,000 you can apply for all of our funds except for the Amey Community Fund (minimum £10,000).

If you are looking for funding of £10,000 or above then only the Grants over £10,000 below are available.

Please note that not all funds are available at all times of the year, and some funds have their own specific application form. Please click into each box below or use the deadline search below to identify funds that suit your project schedules.

Grants for individuals

Grants up to £10,000

Grants over £10,000

Which deadline would you like to apply for?

NB Thalia WB Community Fund and Cultivate Cambs deadlines are different 

1st February

(outcomes by 30 May)

1st May

(outcomes by 30 Aug)

1st August

(outcomes by 30 Nov)

1st November

(outcomes by 28 Feb)

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