Businesses often wish to support their local communities, where staff and customers are based. However, knowing how to find and fund effective local projects can require a lot of time and effort.

We make giving back to the local community easy and effective.

Thanks to our experience, research, and knowledge, we can help you support the causes your team cares about.

We help you maximise your local impact, by understanding your aims, offering expert advice on local needs, and guiding you through your giving options. The most common is to set up a fund which awards grants to local charitable and community projects.

Setting up a fund

You can rest assured that your charitable donations will be responsibly and efficiently managed by us. Many businesses are inundated with requests for charitable support. These can be directed to your fund page, freeing up time and other resources. We also remove the paperwork associated with managing a fund yourself. We take care of the legal compliance, investment, and administrative tasks. We also carry out due diligence on potential projects, ensuring that risks to your organisation are negated.

Our support gives you and your team more time for the more meaningful aspects of giving, like deciding which projects to fund.

Your colleagues can receive training to contribute to grant panels, which select the projects that benefit from your fund. We have a comprehensive assessment process which reviews all applications before presenting them to you, helping you make well informed decisions about which projects to support.

We communicate your decisions to applicants, manage reporting requirements and provide helpful feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Highlighting your local impact

We demonstrate the impact of your support, with regular updates on how your giving has made a difference. We can provide project photos, case studies and statistics for your communications. Your team can get involved with supported projects, through project visits, volunteering and more.

“Since its launch in September 2020, The Cambridge Building Society Community Fund has truly been a game-changer for us. We set off with the explicit purpose of supporting local organisations dedicated to addressing home and housing needs in our community and, since launch, we have channelled nearly £1 million into the fund.

We believe in collaborating with partners that align with our values, and our natural fit with the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation has allowed us to distribute funds simply and effectively through our twice-yearly grant application programme.

We want our Community Fund to be a beacon of support for individuals and organisations facing financial challenges. We understand that a little help can go a long way, especially in tough times, and our Community Fund is here to provide that support.”

– Peter Burrows, CEO at The Cambridge Building Society

Headshot of Peter Burrows, CEO of The Cambridge Building Society, against a background of wooden panels and indoor plants.

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