Grants of up to £400 are awarded for vulnerable individuals and families living in Cambridgeshire (currently not including Peterborough) facing fuel poverty. Grants are for future heating costs within the home.

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Who can apply?
Referring organisations on behalf of individuals
Maximum grant
Up to £400
Eligible area
Cambridgeshire (currently excluding Peterborough)
Currently closed

Fund details

PLEASE NOTE: This fund will remain open until funds are exhausted and applications may close at short notice.

Grant applicants must be referred by an organisation, either in the voluntary sector or a local authority, that has assessed the circumstances and can verify that the individual or family are in extreme crisis and in need of immediate assistance. All payments of awards will be made directly to the referring organisation and not to the energy company or fuel supplier.

For those that are homeless, home items that assist with keeping warm (such as sleeping bags or blankets) will be considered. We cannot accept applications for clothing.

Repeated or multiple requests for one family or individual are not anticipated as this grant is only intended to help those in extreme and urgent crisis.

Fund criteria

Payments and required documents

All grant payments will be made to the referring agency.

You must provide a bank paying in slip or recent bank statement for the referring organisation. The bank paying in slip should confirm the bank details provided on the application. Emails or Word documents with bank details typed into the body of the document are NOT acceptable.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation with all of the required information as outlined above will result in delayed processing timelines and/or rejection of the application. It is crucial to submit correct and complete documentation with your application.

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