We are the charity for Cambridgeshire, working towards a better quality of life for people across the county. We identify the most critical needs of local communities, raise funds and award grants to non-profit organisations that make a big impact in addressing those needs.

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How do we identify local community needs?

Understanding community needs and issues is the first step to being able to solve them. We keep abreast of current issues in Cambridgeshire through community engagement and representation.

We publish a Vital Signs report with measures around key social themes. These range from housing and homelessness to education and learning. The report looks at how our county is performing relative to the rest of the UK.

We also look beyond numbers and statistics to consider local perceptions and which issues matter most to local people.

This helps us guide funds to the issues and areas that need them most.

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How do we raise funds?

We work with individuals and organisations to promote local giving for the benefit of Cambridgeshire. We offer a range of giving options, the most common being setting up an endowment or flow-through fund with a targeted focus.

An endowment fund is invested to produce an income which is distributed as grants each year. This lets supporters create a long-term gift that the local community will benefit from year after year.

A flow-through fund is a one-off or ongoing fund which is topped up through donations. Funds are dispersed as grants until exhausted. Flow-through funds are sometimes preferable to make a set amount available in a crisis.

One-off or regular donations are also welcome to support our work towards a better quality of life across the county.

By gifting money through Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, you can realise your charitable giving aims without taking on the administrative burden and risks yourself. Your charitable gift is responsibly and efficiently managed, to have maximum impact where it is needed most.

How do we award grants?

The funds we raise are awarded as grants to non-profit organisations that contribute to a better quality of life across Cambridgeshire.

The projects we support often address inequality and disadvantages, including issues concerning health and wellbeing, homelessness, social isolation, education, and the environment.

Our grants also fund small but important community projects that donors may otherwise not have the opportunity to hear about.

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