Kingsgate received £4,984.00 from the Peterborough Think Communities Fund to provide a Food Pantry to help families (400 people) who are not at the point of an emergency crisis, thereby not qualifying for foodbank support, but who are experiencing long-term financial pressures and food insecurity.

Case study: ‘I don’t feel ashamed anymore. I have some pride and dignity back. I also have peace. If I start to worry I just think, ‘Wednesday is coming – don’t panic!’’

A single mum of 5 children joined the pantry when it opened in May 2022. Before coming to shop with us she had to borrow money each week to be able to feed her family, and was getting more and more in to debt. Her mental health was suffering because she would lie awake at night worrying about having enough food, and her financial situation in general. When it came to times like Christmas or the summer holidays, her children knew not to expect gifts or days out. This made her feel even worse, she describes herself as feeling ashamed and having no dignity.

This Mum quickly saw the difference that the extra food made to her week. She found that she was able to create meals that would help to carry them through all 7 days, so she no longer had to borrow money. In fact, she repaid her debts. She started to budget better, paying for a few weeks of Food Pantry fees in advance, in a week when she had the money available, so that when another week was tighter she knew she could still come and shop for her food. She was signposted to LEAP for help with her energy bills and, having been put on a manageable payment plan, she is nearly free of utility bills arrears too.

In terms of her mental health, she says that she no longer lays awake worrying about whether she can feed her family. She also feels that she has some pride and dignity back. The physical health of her family is also better because she is able to provide more fresh fruit and vegetables than before, they are also trying new foods.

Moving forward, her confidence has grown and she has secured a part time job (the employer was suggested by a Pantry team member) which is helping her situation even more. At Christmas, because of the way she is budgeting now, she was able to save up and purchase a second hand bike for her son to use for college, as a gift. She has never been able to buy anything like that before. She is now saving towards them having their first family holiday this summer.

” We have since received further funding for the project. Having the funding initially from CCF gave other funders confidence. ‘- Kingsgate  Community Pantry