Little Miracles Fenland received £4,600 from the DCMS Know Your Neighbourhood Fund to help them host half-term sessions for Fenland families that have children with additional needs, disabilities, and life-limiting conditions. The week involved workshops, activities, and trips away, including screen printing, soft play, and bowling, among others.

The provision of half-term activities was supported by volunteers who received in-depth training and worked alongside trained, experienced staff. In the long-term, this will increase what Little Miracles can offer to families living in Fenland, with more trained volunteers available to support sessions.

Moreover, many of the families supported by Little Miracles live in isolation, unable to mix within society in the way other families can. This is for a variety of reasons, including people’s expectations of how a child should act and the things that people say or do, especially if the child “looks normal”. Many of the families that Little Miracles works with have hidden disabilities, such as autism. Families report feeling stigmatised because of how their child reacts. Consequently, this fear reduces how often they go out, increasing their loneliness.

Through the activities funded by the DCMS Know Your Neighbourhood Fund, families were able to engage in meaningful activities, during which young people were be able to meet others and develop friendships in a safe and controlled way. The parents were also able to meet other parents in similar situations and provide support for each other.

A teacher with four children demonstrating how to do screen printing.