Abbey People received a grant of £5,500 to help run their Abbey Food Hub for six months, which is an important lifeline for people in Abbey who are facing food insecurity, due to financial or health reasons.

300 households access the Abbey Food Hub’s support.

The hub is supported by a community of 58 fantastic volunteers, one of whom appears in the photo.

Abbey People report that Abbey is the most deprived ward in Cambridge, with a 327% increase in benefits claimants from January 2019 to December 2020.

The Food Hub began in response to COVID-19, in March 2020, to support those in the community facing food insecurity during the pandemic. The Food Hub has since continued to be open three times a week, year-round. They provide a community fridge, with food that has been donated or would otherwise go to waste, which is accessible to all members of the community.

With high levels of loneliness in Abbey, the Food Hub also offers an important social
activity for both volunteers and hub users. Particularly during the pandemic, visiting the Food Hub was the only chance for some people to speak to anyone all week.

One beneficiary started accessing the Food Hub for food and to charge their phone. With time, they developed positive relationships with staff and volunteers. They now volunteer too and describe the Food Hub team as “family”.

A woman smiling and standing with a cleaning cloth and sanitiser in front of a white table with fruit and vegetables.

I have personally found going to the Food Hub very helpful. I struggle a lot with affordable food for myself and my five children. However, going to the Food Hub means my children can eat healthy food and reduce food waste and I can have peace of mind knowing they are fed well.

Abbey Food Hub user

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