Concrete Rose received £6,000 to establish a ‘supported lodgings’ scheme for 10 young people. Room to Spare offers post-care placements within the homes of host families, individuals and couples alongside significant wrap-around support.

Case Study: “I didn’t get time to study as there would be toxic arguments every day. I finally had time to study in peace and work towards my goals”

“I am currently 17 years old. I moved to England with my dad when I was 3 years old. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet my biological mother as she had a bad alcohol addiction, which is why my farther chose to leave her. Once we arrived in the UK, a few months later my farther met another woman, a woman I never thought that would ruin my childhood. She was emotionally and physically abusive which caused a huge impact on my mental health. I developed depression, it was really difficult for me to focus in school. and I didn’t get the grades that I wanted. I lost a lot of confidence in myself. I would constantly overthink everything.”

“Ever since I have moved in with the hosts, everything began to get easier. They are very nice and respectful people, and I cannot thank them enough for helping me. I am currently studying level 3 Engineering at CRC (Cambridge Regional College) and I really enjoy it. I am on my final year of college. In the future I want to be an Aerospace Engineer. I am hoping to get an apprenticeship with aerospace Marsha ll,s next year. I also want to thank Concrete Rose as they have helped me through my struggles and motivated me to never give up. The way Concrete Rose work is they help Teenagers like myself who is having trouble at home or end up in a situation like I did and had nowhere to live. They are honestly an amazing team and they have improved my life by a lot.” – Laura

“It is very satisfying to feel that we are making a difference in her life. It is encouraging to see how she is starting to relax and to be able to focus on things other than simply surviving – such as her mental wellbeing and plans.” – Hosts