Food poverty has risen dramatically over the last 20 years. The probability of a low-income adult being food insecure is now at nearly 50% (up from 25% in 2004). The pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have exacerbated this crisis.

FoodCycle brings people and communities together over a free three course meal every week. All meals are packed full of fruit and vegetables and are made almost entirely from surplus food, which would otherwise have gone to waste. Meals are run by dedicated local volunteers who collect the food, create a meal and serve it to guests.

The meals are for all, no questions asked. Venues are set up like a restaurant to make them welcoming, safe and warm for guests and the food is served to them. By creating this kind of environment, meals are more than just about food. They foster conversation and connection over a healthy, hearty meal, helping to tackle loneliness too.

To support their work, FoodCycle Peterborough has received funding towards costs like venue hire, staffing, clothing and food.

A person with an apron branded with FoodCycle's logo putting some food on a plate.

Meet Jenny

Jenny has been coming to FoodCycle Peterborough for four years. She enjoys meeting people and making friends at the meal every week. She also says that the extra help of getting a meal and a food bag to takeaway “does wonders”. With times being tough, it means that, after having such a hearty lunch, she can have something lighter for dinner so that she “doesn’t have to switch the hob on”.