Young Women’s Trust received £2,500 to provide to provide employability services to 55 disadvantaged young women in Cambridgeshire

Young women were able to access up to six free sessions of employability and wellbeing coaching with professional coaches, and send in their CV and/or cover letter to be examined and given constructive feedback by volunteer professionals from corporates.

As well as the above outcomes, 92% of the 55 young women supported reported at least one positive change as a result of using the service, ranging from improved employability to gaining employment.

Case study: The support I received through Work It Out has made a massive difference.

“I learned how to talk and tell a story which gave me unbelievable strength in interviews. I also learnt how to pace myself and how to relax. Before using the service and speaking to the coach, interviews were something I always felt sick about. I could never sleep the night before. But after speaking to my coach Janine I could go to sleep knowing I had all the answers prepped; knew the route to the interview; knew the building had disability access; and I had all my documents ready and my interview outfit picked out!

My disability was stopping me from being confident. My coach helped me to talk about what would happen in the interview and even reminded me that the interviewer isn’t some special lifeform, that they are just human. I knew me better than they did and I knew I was right for all the jobs I got interviews for, which, whilst coaching with Janine, increased by about 60%.

After several interviews, I was actually offered three jobs! Before I found Work It Out I had been applying for jobs for two years. Now I get to pick which job I want and through coaching with Janine I know whatever decision I make I will be great at my job.”