Two children at a school desk participating in a mindfulness exercise.

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation has received £4.6 million, the largest donation in our history, from the Harry Cureton Charitable Trust (HCCT). The Harry Cureton Fund will support health and wellbeing in and around Peterborough by making grants to individuals facing serious challenges resulting from a health condition, and to organisations who support them.

The Harry Cureton Charitable Trust was established in 2004, thanks to the generosity of the late Harry Cureton. For many years, he lived in the village of Eye, near Peterborough, where he was a well-known grocer. The fund is made possible by his large lottery win, which he decided to donate to support local people.

This transfer of funds follows an eight-year partnership, which has seen Cambridgeshire Community Foundation support HCCT with its grant making to individuals with challenging health conditions. The trustees decided that transferring to their local community foundation was the best way to protect the legacy of their trust, and to ensure its future development. The new fund aims to increase grant giving by circa £200,000 per year.

Stephen Catling, Chair of Trustees for Cambridgeshire Community Foundation commented,

“Under CCF’s stewardship, we are determined to build upon the strong foundations of HCCT and achieve even more by supporting more organisations and individuals. We will make sure that the late Harry Cureton’s generosity is at the heart of our approach and continues to make a difference to thousands of people, in line with the Harry Cureton Charitable Trust’s purpose.”

Simon Richards, former Trustee, Harry Cureton Charitable Trust added,

“We have worked in partnership with CCF for several years to build understanding and experience within the charity that means we have utmost confidence that not only will this transfer secure the long-term legacy of Harry Cureton’s generosity but will grow the impact even more. Two Trustees from HCCT will join the fund panel to support grant-making and help grow our impact so that we can help many more people to face challenges resulting from a health condition.”

Michael O’Toole, Chief Executive for Cambridgeshire Community Foundation commented,

“The Harry Cureton Charitable Trust has achieved incredible positive impact over 18 years. The forward-thinking of their Trustees in transferring the funds to Cambridgeshire Community Foundation secures this impact for the future. CCF will ensure that vital grants continue to be awarded to grassroots charities and will make a massive difference to the lives of people facing some very serious challenges resulting from a health issue.”

Grant applications are now open for the Harry Cureton Fund. The upcoming deadline for applications is 1 August. Grants up to £20,000 will be awarded in areas covered by Peterborough and Stamford hospitals. Applications are invited by medical professionals on behalf of individuals in need, for example, towards a piece of equipment or a small adaption to a home to help an individual with their disabilities. Applications are also encouraged from not-for-profit organisations who carry out healthcare activities, or conduct scientific research into the causes, treatment and care for any form of illness. Information on how to apply for a grant is available at