Grants of up to £5,000. Priorities are: Learning and Education (building skills, raising confidence)  Health Wellbeing (sport and physical activity) including improving mental health for young people, children and families.

 Tees are committed to supporting our local communities to a better future. The creation of the Tees Better Future Fund builds on Tees’ heritage and legacy as a firm that values life-long learning and connecting people and communities through the generations. Tees’ history is deeply rooted in the fabric of our local communities – our partners and employees have supported many local charities, clubs, schools and projects over many years. 

The Fund is delighted to offer grants up to £5000 for projects that have a particular focus on: 

  1. Promoting Learning and Education
  2. Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing 

Promoting Learning and Education 

Projects that promote talent, increase social mobility and create opportunities for people to thrive and fulfil their potential are welcomed.  We are keen to support projects that look to increase knowledge, improve mental health, build skills and raise confidence, so through learning and education, together we can improve the life chances of the younger generation. 

Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing 

Projects that increase access to sports and exercise for children, young people and families, and help to improve physical and mental health through activity, are key aspects of this fund. Tees promotes healthy life-styles and bringing people together through sports and physical activity, in turn creating new opportunities, promoting community cohesion and reducing isolation. Projects are also invited that support people’s mental health. 

Key priorities

  • Young people
  • Children and families
  • Education and learning
  • Improving mental and physical health through sports
  • Promoting talent and growth
  • Creating new opportunities and improving access

Who can apply?
Not-for-profit organisations

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex (within 10 miles of a Tees office)

1st February, 1st August,


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