Grants of up to £400 are awarded for vulnerable individuals and families living in Cambridgeshire (currently including Peterborough) facing fuel poverty.

For those that are homeless, other costs of keeping warm (such as sleeping bags) will be considered.

Grant recipients must be referred by an organisation – either voluntary sector or local authority – that has assessed the circumstances and can verify that the individual or family are in extreme crisis and in need of immediate assistance. All payments of 2021/2022 awards will be made directly to the referring organisation and not to the energy company or fuel supplier.

Repeated or multiple requests for one family or individual are not anticipated as this grant is only intended to help those in extreme and urgent crisis.


Application Criteria
  • Recipients must be in Cambridgeshire (currently including Peterborough).
  • Recipients may only receive £1200 total ever from the Stay Well Fund. this can be 3 grants of £400 or more than 3 grants of smaller amounts.
  • Recipients may only receive one Stay Well grant in a 6 month period.
  • The grant must be used for future heating costs. Where there is historic debt owed to their energy supplier, the organisation helping the individual will need to seek support from a debt advice agency or other resource prior to submitting an application for Stay Well. Applications where debit to an energy supplier is more than 75% of the requested amount will be declined. 
  • The referrer must supply all necessary documentation and respond to requests for documentation or supporting information at the time of application.  
Payments and Required Documents

All grant payments will be made to the referring agency – unless otherwise requested by the referrer. You must provide:

  • A bank paying in slip or recent bank statement for the referring organisation. The bank paying in slip should confirm the bank details provided on the application. Emails or Word documents with bank details typed into the body of the document are NOT acceptable.

If your organization is unable to manage making the payment to the grant recipient’s energy supplier, and you are requesting that CCF make a payment directly to the energy supplier. Then the following conditions must be met:

The grant recipient must have a unique account number with the energy supplier.

The energy supplier must accept payment by BACS.

In addition the referrer must provide:

  • The most recent (within the last 3 months) energy supplier statement/bill for the recommended recipient. This should confirm their nameaccount number and address.
  • Written confirmation of the energy supplier’s bank details. This may be stated on the bill or pamphlet as provided by the energy supplier or may be a separate document requested from the energy supplier. It should confirm the bank details provided on the application. This will enable payment to be made by BACS to the energy supplier so that it can be credited to the recommended recipient’s gas/electricity account. Emails or Word documents with bank details typed into the body of the document are NOT acceptable.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation with all of the required information as outlined below will result in delayed processing timelines and/or rejection of the application.  It is crucial to submit correct and complete documentation with your application.

To apply, complete the online form accessed on the right hand side of this webpage.

Additional support available

The Armed Services Covenant

Are you or have you served in the armed forces, either as a regular or reservist? Have you suffered any physical or mental injury or illness as a result of service? Are you a family member (spouse, including those bereaved, or dependent child) of someone that is serving or has served in the armed forces, regular or reservist?

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise between the nation, the government and the Armed Forces community, ensuring that those who serve, and have served, in the Armed Forces and their families, are treated fairly and are not disadvantaged by their service.  It also states that in some cases special consideration to those wounded, injured or sick and the bereaved should be given. 

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Armed Forces Covenant Partnerships are in place to support delivery of the above pledge. There are many services across the county that support those in the military community. 

 If you are needing support, you can access a full list of support organisations through the Forces Connect App.  If you don’t have access to a smart device and are needing help and support with a service related issue please email

Who can apply?
Refrring organisations on behalf of individuals

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Cambridgeshire (currently including Peterborough)


Always Open

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