We understand that receiving a rejection can be disheartening and we try all avenues available to us to help secure funding for your project, before sending you a rejection.

Unfortunately, the total funding requested in the applications we receive tends to exceed the total funding available, therefore, even excellent applications are sometimes not awarded funding.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and may be encouraged to apply to the next funding round, signposted to alternative sources of funding, or to organisations which can help them become ‘grant ready’, depending on the reason why the application was rejected.

Please read on to better understand the most common reasons why we may reject an application.

The fund is oversubscribed

Whilst we are committed to raising as many funds as possible to support local projects, unfortunately, the need for funding exceeds the total funding available. Sadly, even if you have submitted a very good application, it may not receive funding.

The application does not meet fund criteria

We publish the criteria for each fund according to the fund holder’s goals and funding remit. Funds might specify a particular cause, group of beneficiaries, geography, or grant size. Applications which fail to address one or more of these criteria could be rejected due to being ineligible. Applications which meet the criteria more strongly may also be favoured.

The organisation is not eligible for funding through the Foundation

As explained in our application guidance, we are unable to fund some organisations, such as private limited companies. We also cannot award funds directly to individuals.

The organisations that we can fund need to evidence their structure and governance, as also described in the application guidance. If the evidence provided is insufficient or missing, your organisation would not be considered ready for funding.

An incomplete application is submitted

As outlined in the application guidance, we require certain documents to support your application. If you fail to provide these or you do not answer questions relating to any aspect of your application, your application would be considered incomplete, and we would not progress it any further.

A late application is submitted

To maintain fairness and to ensure that applicants receive outcomes by the published dates, we are unable to accept late applications.

A retrospective request for funding is made

We are unable to fund projects that have already taken place. You must have received and accepted the terms and conditions of an offer before work can begin. Otherwise, any funds that are paid out will need to be returned.

Read our application guidance