Professional Service Providers

We partner with lawyers, accountants, banks, financial planners and investment advisors to help your clients fulfil their financial and charitable goals.

By combining our expertise with yours, we can help your clients have a rewarding experience of charitable giving. Working together ensures they make informed decisions from the full range of options.

Key Points
for your clients

  • We offer a flexible, quick and easy alternative to setting up a charitable trust
  • A Named Fund can be set up in a one hour meeting
  • We award grants in the donor’s name and arrange publicity if desired
  • We target money to charitable groups by issue or geographic area
  • A Fund at the Community Foundation is ideal for people who want to support local causes
  • We can manage existing grant making trusts by recreating them as a Fund within CCF
  • We can help your business clients meet their CSR goals with a corporate giving Fund
  • We support donors by dealing with all aspects of administration and investment management

Getting the Timing Right

Each change in your clients financial or family circumstances is an opportunity to talk about philanthropy.  Ideal opportunities for include:

  • Making the most of available disposable income
  • Financial planning or investment strategy review
  • Realisation or maturity of an investment
  • Disposing of property or shares
  • Disposing of a business
  • Inheritance tax, estate and will planning
  • Planning for and at the time of retirement

By giving through CCF, your clients get to see the impact of their gift, making it rewarding and enjoyable.

For more information, please call Michael O’Toole on 01223 410535.

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