Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter Appeal, which supports those facing fuel poverty in the county, has now extended its support beyond the winter, with a record total of £33,000 raised.

The appeal has traditionally run throughout the winter, when the need to support those facing fuel poverty is at its greatest. It would typically end in March, as temperatures begin to rise with the arrival of spring, thus reducing the burden of energy bills.

However, with the ongoing cost of living crisis, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation acknowledges that the need to support those facing fuel poverty extends beyond the winter. The high cost of living will persist as a strain on families and individuals, with some people continuing to struggle to afford energy bills. They might not be able to afford to turn on their hob to cook a warm meal, keep their refrigerator running or charge a child’s laptop to help them study.

Therefore, this year, the Surviving Winter Appeal’s support will be extended beyond the usual end time of March. Cambridgeshire Community Foundation will continue the appeal until no further donations are made and all funds are exhausted. Those in a position to help are encouraged to continue to donate to the appeal, to extend the support available for households who may be struggling with energy costs.

Marking the heightened need for energy support this year, the Surviving Winter Appeal has so far raised its highest ever total of over £33,000.

A small renewable energy company, which wishes to remain anonymous, has recently made a generous £15,000 donation to the appeal, which has contributed to the record total.

The company commented,

“The steep rise in energy prices has meant that we have received a windfall which we want to share with others. Surviving Winter Appeal is one of the causes we have chosen to support, because it helps those who have suffered most as a result of the increased cost of energy.”

Thanks to the funds available to continue support for those most affected by fuel poverty in the county, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation urges those struggling to pay their energy bills to contact the appeal’s partners to find out if they are eligible for support. The partners include Cambridge Aid, Citizens Advice Cambridge, Citizens Advice Peterborough, Citizens Advice Rural Cambs, Cambridge City Food Bank and CHS Group.

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