Everyone in Cambridgeshire over the age of 66 receives a non-means-tested Winter Fuel Payment, whether they need it or not.

Stuart and Brenda Evans are local residents and long-term supporters of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation. They have supported the charity’s Surviving Winter Appeal for a number of years now, by donating the Winter Fuel Payment that they receive but do not need, so that the funds can support those who otherwise face a winter in fuel poverty.

Stuart explained that, “Even though Cambridge and its surrounding area is relatively affluent, there are heart breaking disparities between the most affluent and least affluent areas. In recent years, the cost of living has put families under even more stress, of which the spike in energy prices is just the latest example.”

Brenda added, “For a long time, we lived in a big Victorian house that was lovely but poorly insulated and very drafty. So, when we retired and downsized, we made sure that our new home was well insulated, energy efficient and toasty warm. After all, no-one wants to live in a cold home. It’s not healthy, regardless of whether you are young or old. When the government introduced the Winter Fuel Payment, we thought ‘how lovely, but we don’t really need this’. It made sense to donate it to the Foundation’s Surviving Winter Appeal to help those who really need additional support to keep their house warm. The money comes into our account from the government, and it goes straight out again in the form of a donation to the Foundation’s appeal.”

Stuart further added, “Having been involved with the Foundation for many years, we know that our donations will be spent carefully and wisely. It’s good to know they make a real difference to local people who most need support”.

If you receive, but do not need, the Winter Fuel Payment, please consider donating an equivalent or part equivalent to the Surviving Winter Appeal, to help others in Cambridgeshire that desperately need the extra support to stay warm this winter.

Donate your Winter Fuel Payment
Stuart and Brenda Evans, the Foundation's supporters, standing in a garden in front of shrubbery.