This winter, we are running our annual Surviving Winter Appeal, which aims to raise £25,000 to support vulnerable people facing fuel poverty.

Thanks to the community’s generous support, the Surviving Winter Appeal has been able to support vulnerable households in past years with thousands of pounds given out in grants. This year, the community has once again shown their support, with many supporters generously choosing to donate the equivalent or part-equivalent of their energy rebate or winter fuel payment.

However, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation urgently appeals for further support. Whilst everyone is being stretched financially amidst the cost-of-living crisis, some Cambridgeshire households are being pushed to the brink. We hope to secure more funds as soon as possible, to ensure support is in place before temperatures drop further, causing energy to become unaffordable for even more people.

Those who need help to stay warm and afford energy this winter can seek support from the Surviving Winter Appeal’s charitable partner organisations, including Cambridge Aid, Citizens Advice Cambridge, Citizens Advice Peterborough, Citizens Advice Rural Cambs, Cambridge City Foodbank and CHS Group.

Last year, the funds raised by the Surviving Winter Appeal helped Pamela, who was referred to Citizens Advice Peterborough for support. Pamela is 66 years old and lives in a housing association property with her husband, who is 67 years old. Pamela has multiple health problems including MS and is registered as partially sighted. Last winter, Pamela struggled with living expenses, as she only receives a state pension, and her husband receives a disability related benefit. She had no debts, but she was very worried about paying her energy bills. She was referred by her doctor to Citizens Advice Peterborough for an emergency food voucher from the local foodbank. They were able to provide her with a food voucher and a grant of £200 towards her energy bills from the Surviving Winter Appeal. Thanks to generous donations to the appeal, Paula and her husband were able to receive help to stay warm through the winter.

With Citizens Advice Peterborough experiencing an increased demand for help of over 30% due to the cost-of-living crisis, we would be grateful for any donation to help people like Pamela this winter. We encourage donations from those in a position to help, to enable support to reach as many vulnerable households as possible this winter. Everyone over the age of 65 receives a non-means-tested Winter Fuel Payment, whether they need it or not. Similarly, all UK households are receiving the Energy Rebate this winter. Those who do not need this support are encouraged to consider donating an equivalent or part-equivalent to the appeal.

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Disclaimer: Some details of the described story have been removed or changed to ensure anonymity.