Sharing Your Impact

Tell us what you’ve learned

Why do we ask you to share learnings?

We use end of project (and sometimes interim depending on the size of grant or particular programme) monitoring reports to find out how the work we are funding is going and understand how it’s making progress towards our strategic aims.

What you tell us in your reports can help us to decide what more we could do to increase the impact of your work, whether there are connections we should make with the rest of our work, and how we can improve our support in future.

How do we help you do that?

Following IVARs principles for better reporting we commit to

  • Reporting that is proportionate to the size of your grant
  • Only asking for information we need and will use
  • Encouraging you to submit a report that you are already producing (we are making this change as of January 2023 and it will apply to projects that receive an award after this date).

Photographs please

We all know images are incredibly important. They are the most engaged with and shareable form of content for CCF. We want everyone in our networks to see the amazing work of the charities we support, so we can raise more funds. If you receive a grant from us, we will need images of your project for our website, socials and printed impact reports.

We understand that the majority of the charities and groups we fund are working hard to support the most vulnerable and in need in our communities. But this doesn’t have to be a barrier! Here’s some inspiration from groups who have got creative with the camera to ensure their work is represented.

Children’s Art Therapy

Foster homes for care leavers

Counselling for Domestic Abuse

Children’s book festival

Young People’s Counselling

How reporting works

For most grants:

  • End of project reports are to be submitted when the grant is finished.
  • Your report should cover your progress towards the goals or stated aims of the funded project, the difference it has made to your beneficiaries, the number of beneficiaries impacted, photographs and quotes.
  • You can submit a report a report you’re already producing (an Impact Report, a report for your trustee board, a progress report you’ve written for another funder, or your Annual Report). All successful applicants will automatically be sent a unique link to a template monitoring form, which you can upload existing documents to or complete in the event that you are not producing a report already.
  • We’ll send you an email 2 weeks before each report is due. If your project is not complete then please do not complete the end of project monitoring report but contact the office to discuss an extension.

For some larger or multi-year projects you might be asked to submit interim monitoring at the end of each year and before another payment is released

Mid-Project Visits

We have a team of volunteers who help us to get out and about in the community and visit some of the groups we fund mid-project

  • The learning conversations our volunter visitors have allow you to reflect on the progress of the work, key changes in it, and what more we could do to ensure the work contributes to our impact goals.
  • We will use what we learn to inform our strategy, as well as share with our sectors through our community engagement programme
Changes to your work
  • We are a flexible funder, but as a charity ourselves we must keep track of material changes to the grant-funded work, or serious incidents that should be reported the Charity Commission.
  • This means you must tell us about any material changes to the grant so that we can discuss and agree to your future plans.
  • ‘Material change’ shall mean any significant change to your grant’s expenditure, your grant’s outcomes, any serious financial or governance issue facing your organisation, or any safeguarding issue with your organisation and/or your organisation’s staff. If you are not sure whether the issue or change which has arisen is a ‘material change’, please err on the side of caution and speak with one of our Grants Officers.
Example Case Studies

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