This fund offers up to £13,500 to support the adoption of a proven innovation to target health inequalities across four areas: cardiovascular disease, mental health, high impact users and access inequalities (e.g. language, cultural, digital).

Who can apply?
Non-profit and healthcare organisation
Maximum grant
Up to £13,500
Eligible area
Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough)
1 August

Fund criteria

Who can apply

Your organisation must be operating not for profit and be legally registered if your income is above £5,000.

We award grants to the recognised organisation structures below:

This award is open to applications from public sector bodies and NHS organisations of any kind.

Educational establishments are also encouraged to use this prize within their curriculum.

Project eligibility

Projects need to provide evidence of a previously successful pilot. The pilot for the intervention does not need to have been completed by the team or organisation applying for the fund.

Grants will be made to eligible organisations solely providing projects to beneficiaries who are residents of Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough).

In order to receive an award a project must meet these criteria:

Eligible spending

These lists are not exhaustive but give an outline of acceptable spending. If you have doubts about your planned costs, please contact us.

The grant can pay for:

The grant cannot pay for:


Your project could support, but is not limited to the following beneficiaries:

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