Grants of up to £5,000 for community projects benefitting residents in eligible parishes within 3km of  Cotton Farm Wind Farm, Huntingdonshire.

 Grants are available for charitable projects benefiting local communities in the parishes listed below. Eligible projects may be supported if they demonstrably benefit a material proportion of the local community living in “the area of benefit”- within a 3km radius of the wind farm.

The following parishes are eligible for Cotton Farm Wind Farm grants:

  • Graveley
  • Great Paxton
  • Offord D’Arcy
  • Toseland
  • Yelling


Examples of Funded Projects

Graveley Parish Council received £5,400 to continue upkeep and improvements to the village hall and repairs to the village shelters and coronation pavilion.

Yelling Cricket Club received £275 to purchase fuel to run the mowers and rollers.

Yelling Village Hall Social Club received £680 to upgrade their cellar floor and buy a new cash register.

Cotton Farm Residents Association received £600 to support the costs of maintaining a noise monitor.

The Offords Recreation Hut (Offord Village Hall) received £1,060 to buy newer light fittings that use more energy efficient bulbs.

Offord Cluny & Offord Darcy Parish Council received £638 to replace two dilapidated benches on the Millennium Green

Who can apply?
Not-for-profit organisations

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Parishes of Graveley, Great Paxton, Offord D’Arcy, Toseland and Yelling.

1st August

Apply for a Grant