Co-op Community Cares fund has £20,000 to award in grants of up to £5,000 to support people to play an active part in our communities, reduce barriers and improve social contact. 

Your project must be within a reasonable distance of one or more of our stores or branches (meaning recipients are likely to be aware of or use our services). If the fund is oversubscribed then prioroty will be given to projects delivering benefit nearest to the stores.

To find out where your nearest East of England Co-op Food store, Travel branch or Funeral branch is, click here to go to our store locator. Select the option for ‘All branches’.

You cannot re-apply to this fund in consecutive years. If you’ve received a grant from the Community Cares fund previously, there must be at least 12 months since your last end of grant report was received.

We will only consider applications where the East of England Co-op are funding 30% or more of costs. 

Fund Criteria

Applications must address community cohesion and integration – supporting people to play an active part in our communities to reduce barriers and inequalities and improve social contact and experiences with the aim of achieveing one or more of the following outcomes:

1) Improved access to social activities for all

2) Reduction in feelings of isolation and improved wellbeing

3) Supported people into education or employment

4) Provided Information, advice or guidance to maximise income

5) Evidence of partnership working or alliance formation

Who can apply?
Not-for-profit organisations

Open for application

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Cambridgeshire (proximity to Co-op branches is a priority)

Monday 4th December

Apply for a Grant