Up The Garden Bath was established in 2019 to
upcycle unwanted waste materials, such as old
bathtubs, into garden planters and accessories.

They received a grant to establish and run a community gardening club, focused on teaching about environmental improvement and food production.

The gardening club worked to regenerate the garden at Allama Iqbal Centre in Peterborough. The community centre is situated in one of the most socially and economically deprived areas in Peterborough.

A photo of gardeners, including adults and children, stood outside the Allama Iqbal Centre in Peterborough on a sunny day.

The garden became a safe space to encourage the local community to come together, learn how to grow their own food and harvest their own crop. The garden yielded an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants.

The project was accessible to everyone, promoting social cohesion in a shared community project. Both children and older people enjoyed getting involved and working as a team, regardless of backgrounds, skills, knowledge or language barriers.

Over 500 community members got involved.

They not only beautified the local area, but were also able to learn new skills relating to gardening, wildlife conservation, sustainability, food production and healthy living.

A group of children and an adult stood around a raised flower bed holding plants.

The funding has been a catalyst for improving neighbourhoods, community development, cross-cultural and inter-generational connection, preserving green space in our city, and self-reliance through food production.

Up The Garden Bath

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