Bedazzle received £6,000 from the D&J Lloyd Community First Fund and Olive and Jesse Palmer Fund towards developing a unique film performance by 30 young adults with a range of learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues.

Project impact

Raising awareness of living with disabilities

The young adults performed ‘Typical?’, which draws upon the lived experiences of those with disabilities. It explores their experiences on the margins, or considered ‘non-typical’. The film highlights this to a wider audience and aids a better understanding of the difficulties people with disabilities face in their everyday lives.

The back of a person watching a performance being recorded, with a screen showing the recording.

Increasing work experience opportunities

There is a need for more work experience opportunities for young people with disabilities.

This project gave participants the chance to express their talents and gain valuable work experience in an inclusive environment.

One student (stage name: Julian B Evans) joined Bedazzle’s Performing Arts Foundation Course a year prior to the ‘Typical?’ film project. He was one of 15 students that Bedazzle took to its highly-acclaimed stage show, ‘I’m Non-Typical, Typical’, at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He then successfully auditioned to join Bedazzle’s unique casting agency, Inclusive Talent. Since then, he has undertaken dozens of professional auditions, ranging from dancing parts to avatar production. His confidence has grown to the extent that he is now considered for performance roles alongside established artists. In the future, he hopes to be able to take up performing as a full-time occupation.

Supporting community collaboration

Inclusivity Films & Bedazzle Inclusive Theatre worked together to produce the film. They also worked with other community-based organisations, including Young Technicians Academy, who specialise in delivering behind-the-scenes work experience in lighting and sound recording.

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