Cambridge Street Aid helps people who are or have been on the city’s streets to turn a corner. Since 2017 £100,000 has been raised by generous donations to give practical grants for things like clothes,ID and bikes to help people get off, and stay off, the streets.
We work with many of Cambridge’s charities who can refer individuals to the fund for a grant of up to £750. To contact a referrer or to apply click the Apply Online button to the right. Street Aid only works due to the generosity of those who donate to and fundraise for us.Please click on the Donate button to find out the number of ways you can donate to Street Aid.There are also ways in which you can fundraise for Street Aid such as running in theCambridge Half Marathon or simply when shopping online – click on the Fundraise button to find out more. To receive regular Street Aid updates and be the first to hear about opportunities to get more involved in our work, please become a Friend of Cambridge Street Aid.

If you have any questions about Street Aid, you can email or phone 01223 457088.


Apply for Street Aid Grant

Click here for guidance on how to apply for a Street Aid grant.

Click here for cost allowance guidance for individual items.

PLEASE NOTE: applications now require a Supporting Statement from the grant beneficiary to ensure they are aware of the application being made on their behalf. This can be handwritten and signed by the grant beneficiary, typed (including a signature of the grant beneficiary), an email from the grant beneficiary’s email address, or an audio recording of the grant beneficiary stating their support.

There are three main criteria that people must meet in order to be eligible for a Street Aid grant:

1. The person must be, or have been in the past, on the streets.
2. The grant must be for something that would help the person get off, or stay off, the streets.
3. The person must be a resident of, or have links to, Cambridge City.

People applying for Street Aid grants must be referred by an organisation (voluntary sector or local authority) that has assessed the person’s individual circumstances and can confirm that they are in need of financial help that cannot be found elsewhere. Grants of up to £750 will be paid to the referring organisation to use the money for the purpose agreed.

The fund will not normally be used for crisis support. It is to offer longer-term, planned help that will bring about change for the person. We encourage people to be creative as to what they apply for – as long as it would help the person get off, or stay off, the streets, a Street Aid grant could well be available.

Grants must be spent within 2 months of receiving the grant money.

The fund has a limit of one award per person in any six-month period and two awards in total per person (unless there are exceptional circumstances that are explained in the application).

Please note that unsuccessful applications will not be counted towards this total.

Who can apply?
Referring agents on behalf of individuals who are or have been street homeless.

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Cambridge City

Any time

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