Grants of up to £10,000 for community projects benefitting residents within 5 miles of Wadlow Wind Farm in South Cambs.

 Grants are available for charitable projects benefiting local communities in the parishes listed below. Eligible projects may be supported if they demonstrably benefit a material proportion of the local community living in “the area of benefit”- a radius of 5km from the wind farm.

The following parishes are eligible for Wadlow Wind Farm grants:

  • Balsham
  • Brinkley
  • Carlton
  • Fulbourn
  • Great Wilbraham
  • Six Mile Bottom and Little Wilbraham
  • Weston Colville
  • West Wratting


Traffic Calming Measures

The following guidance is offered to applicants who wish to submit a request for traffic calming measures

•    the panel would only accept applications for non-statutory traffic calming measures that are supported by Speedwatch evidence

•    applications submitted for non-statutory traffic calming equipment would be considered up to a maximum of £4,500

•    only one application would be considered from each Parish over the life of the wind farm fund for traffic calming measures

•    applications for non-statutory traffic calming equipment would be considered at the end of each panel meeting when projects  for community facilities/resources had been considered and satisfied

•    If there were more eligible traffic calming request than money available at a panel they would be selected on a random draw basis and projects not awarded a grant would be carried forward to the end of the next panel ( and given priority over new non-statutory traffic calming equipment )

Examples of Funded Projects

St Nicholas’ Church, Great Wilbraham was awarded £5,000 to continually repair the flint wall fronting the Churchyard and Church Street until 2022.

REACH Community Projects CIO was awarded £4,554 to start a new project providing family and poverty support to 100 families in Linton and the surrounding villages.

Linton Children’s Book Festival was awarded £2,500 towards costs of Linton Children’s Book Festival which provides opportunities for children and families to engage in creative activities that promote literacy and encourage a love of books and reading.

The Meadow Primary School PTA was awarded £9,460 to provide 30 ipads to ensure classes have the opportunity to use technology both inside and outside which will enhance teaching and learning.

Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom Parish Council was awarded £2,500 to install a Community Public Access Defibrillator in the village centre of Six Mile Bottom.

Parochial Church Council of St Mary’s, Weston Colville was awarded £2,968 to provide a tractor mower with mulching deck to facilitate the better upkeep of the churchyard.

Balsham Parochial Church Council was awarded £10,000 to install two toilets and provide a community meeting room.

Brinkley Parish Council was awarded £4,500 to purchase and operate two Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) warning signs for use across four locations in Brinkley.

Who can apply?
Not-for-profit organisations

Maximum grant

Eligible area
Parishes of Balsham, Brinkley, Carlton, Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Six Mile Bottom and Little Wilbraham, Weston Colville and West Wratting

1st February, 1st August

Apply for a Grant