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Funding to support those affected by Coronavirus

Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

The National Emergencies Trust has today launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities to support those individuals suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The National Emergencies Trust will distribute money raised through a number of charitable organisations including local Community Foundations, to ensure it reaches those who need it most.

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation is well placed to support local charities to overcome challenges presented by this ongoing emergency.

Details of the NET fund and criteria for groups to apply for funding will follow in the next few days. 

The NET funding is in addition to our own urgent appeal for Cambridgeshire. Find out more about the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund here.



What to do if your project is affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We recognise that the covid-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an impact on the work of charitable groups in Cambridgeshire and beyond, and want to offer reassurance that we stand with the sector during this time. We wish to be as helpful as possible during the coming weeks and months so that groups can focus on the vital work of supporting people in our communities. We understand that there will be times when staff and volunteers will not be available, when beneficiaries may need services to be provided in different ways, or when systems need to be flexible to ensure that needs are met.

If your project funded by us is affected by the covid-19 outbreak, please contact us on outlining your concerns in writing and we will review on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to:

  • Adapting activities – we recognise that you may experience difficulties achieving some of the outputs or outcomes we agreed for your grant during the outbreak, so please let us know if you are affected in this way.
  • Discussing dates – we don’t want to add pressure, so if you think you will struggle to meet a reporting deadline please get in touch with us so that we can agree a more realistic time for you. Please do include new suggested timings in your email.
  • Listening to you – we are here if you want to talk to us about the situation you’re facing, but we’ll wait for you to call us so that these conversations are at the right time for you.

Please note that project changes can only be made if you inform us in writing in advance so please keep in touch.


Women and girls projects in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough receive major funding boost

Grassroots groups working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have received much-needed grants worth over £40,000 to help support local women and girls facing a range of challenges.

Five projects have received grants of between £5,000 - £10,000. This is the second time we have awarded groups money from the Tampon Tax Community Fund to help women and girls experiencing issues such as period poverty, domestic and sexual abuse and mental health.

Collectively as a network, UK Community Foundations is one of the UK’s largest grant-makers and was asked by the government to distribute the largest share of the funding raised through the levy on sanitary products through its network of community foundations. A total of £6.9 million has been awarded nationally to grassroots groups in the two rounds of funding.

The projects being funded:

  • Peterborough Women's Aid has received £9,000 to provide a Women's Support Worker, workshops and outings benefitting women who are survivors of domestic abuse.
  • Turtle Dove Cambridge has received £9,000 to pilot an alternative education provision and offer an 8-10 week 1:1 support programme for young women.
  • Wisbech Community Development Trust has received £8,000 to provide yoga sessions and confidence courses for women who have suffered domestic or sexual abuse.
  • One Voice 4 Travellers has received £9,217 to hold employment workshops for domestic abuse survivors in East Cambs and Fenland to enable them to reduce family poverty through securing of employment.
  • Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group has received £5,000 to train the phone, text and app volunteer team who support women and girls in crisis who live in rural communities.

Photo: a previous Turtle Dove Cambridge project that enabled young women to hold a tea party for older people in their community.


Breakfast Networking: Can your business drive social change?

The Cambridge Network is hosting a breakfast on Tuesday 11th February 2020 for companies who are looking to learn more about the possibilities for their own Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives.  

Simon Humphrey, the Corporate Responsibility Manager at Arm and the Chair of Trustees for CCF along with Michael O'Toole, the Chief Executive for CCF will be speaking.

You can find out more details on how to attend here


Surviving Winter Appeal for Cambridgeshire Launches

In partnership with Cambridge News, Cambridgeshire Live, Citizens Advice, Cambridge Aid, CHS Group and Cambridge City Foodbank, we are pleased to announce that our Surviving Winter Appeal is now live!

Find out more and donate to this year's appeals - thank you so much for your generous support!

The UK has the sixth-worst long-term rate of excess winter deaths in Europe with the highest levels of fuel poverty in the UK are in the East of England. Shockingly, 9% of households in Cambridgeshire go cold over winter. That increases for Peterborough to 11.4% and to 12.3% for Cambridge. That makes Cambridge the 6th worst of over 50 local authorities in the East of England!  Over 33,000 households in Cambridgeshire are fuel poor.

The majority of those affected most severely by the cold weather are vulnerable older people, many of whom are housebound with their suffering hidden from view. With your support, we want to be able to allow hundreds of households right across Cambridgeshire to be warm this winter. Our partners will also help 100’s of people with other issues affecting them including support with debt issues, energy tariffs, home heating and insulation improvements and increasing numbers of people experiencing loneliness and isolation.

This fund will support people across Cambridgeshire including vulnerable people of all ages, most particularly older people, children and individuals suffering poor physical or mental health.

We need your help to reduce the terrible impact of fuel poverty. Fuel poverty leads to:

  • Excess winter deaths - about 100 people die over winter because of fuel poverty
  • Deterioration in physical health & mental health
  • Social isolation
  • Truancy, anti-social behaviour & negative effects on education attainment in children

For example, children in cold homes are more twice as likely to suffer respiratory problems than children in warm home!

Everyone in Cambridgeshire over 65 receives a non-means-tested Winter Fuel Payment. If you don't need it, please donate an equivalent or part of it to the Surviving Winter Appeal, so that it can be given to others facing a hard winter living in fuel poverty. We would also be very grateful for any donations, of any amount from people of all ages who simply want to support our appeal.

“It simply doesn’t feel right that thousands of people, especially older people, children and the vulnerable will go cold this winter. I’m determined that we do something to help. Our Surviving Winter Appeal can help keep people warm in their homes. This is so important, it’s not just an issue of comfort this is about life or death for some! Please help if you can.” Michael O’Toole, Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation

Ways to donate


Visit our Surviving Winter Just Giving page to donate online.


Send a cheque payable to Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, please include a note indicating that it is for the Surviving Winter Appeal.  

Our address is:

Hangar One
The Airport
Newmarket Road
Cambridge CB5 8TG

Bank Transfer or Standing Order

Email to get information on sending a bank transfer or set up a standing order.

Gift Aid

As a Registered Charity 1103314 we are able to increase the value of your gift by 25% if you confirm you are able to make your donation under "Gift Aid" and provide us with your name and address. Please download and complete a Gift Aid Form from our Surviving Winter Appeal page