Warm Homes Healthy People

Grants up to £150 for vulnerable individuals/families facing fuel poverty to contribute towards their heating bill.

Individuals must be referred by an organisation (voluntary sector or local authority) that has assessed the individual’s circumstances and can verify that they are in need of immediate assistance. We are not able to fund individuals directly.

Grants will be paid direct to the energy supplier, so the referring organisation must be able to provide a copy of the individual’s most recent fuel bill.
Heating oil – we can only contribute to the cost of heating oil where the recipient has already secured funds to cover the delivery charge and the cost of the remainder of the minimum delivery. If these costs can be covered and have been paid to the supplier, we will pay the remaining £150 direct to the supplier.

If you wish to submit an application on behalf of a vulnerable person/family in need towards their heating bill please contact CCF and ask for an application form. Applications can be made on behalf of individuals at any time.