CCF Online Grant Application Forms

If you have checked that your group is ready to apply and you now wish to complete a CCF Online Small (up to £3,499) or Large (over £3,500)  Grant Application Form, please select below.

A small number of our funds have fund-specific application forms which can be found on the webpages.

The CCF yearly deadlines for application forms AND ALL supporting documentation are:

  • 1st May, outcomes announced by end of August
  • 1st August, outcomes announced by end of November
  • 1st November, outcomes announced by end of February
  • 1st February, outcomes announced by end of May

Please note the links below are for the 2022 SPRING deadline of 11:59 pm on 1st FEBRUARY. The next round SUMMER 2022 application forms will be available after the FEBRUARY deadline has passed.

Do not use these forms to apply for the Arts Council England Let's Create Jubilee Fund. You can find the application form for this fund on the fund webpage here.

For applications up to £3,499 fill in the CCF Online Small Grant Application Form.

For applications for £3,500 and above fill in the CCF Online Large Grant Application Form.