#iwill is a UK-wide campaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many young people as possible by the year 2020. Through collaboration and partnership, it is spreading the word about the benefits of youth social action.

Step Up To Serve, The National Lottery Community Fund and the Government Office for Civil Society have invested £2million this year to fund groups delivering youth social action opportunities.

The #iwillFund looks to support social action activities that create opportunities for young people aged 10-20 to develop their potential and their capacity to significantly contribute to their community.

Social action involves activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering and has huge potential to create enjoyable opportunities and skills development for young people, and in turn benefit the local people and places.

The fund prioritises projects that:

  • Seek to increase participation from young people from less affluent social economic groups and young people who might not usually take part in volunteering, campaigning and fundraising activities
  • Are working with young people at the younger end of the spectrum (10-14 years old)
  • Build the appetite of young people to continue with campaigning, fundraising and/or volunteering and leave a legacy of behaviour/activity after the funding stops
  • Involve young people in consultation, planning, delivery and evaluation
  • Give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their potential and confidence
  • Give young people the platform to get their voice heard
  • Can address the six principles of Youth Social Action:

This fund aims to develop opportunities rather than fund the ongoing costs of existing youth work, and looks to fund organisations that involve young people in volunteering, campaigning and fundraising activities.  


Grants between £1,000 and £5,000 are available for projects up to a year in duration. Grants should deliver campaigning, fundraising and/or volunteering opportunities for young people aged 10 to 20 years old, or up to 25 for disabled people.

This fund is open to registered charities, constituted community groups and other charitable organisations including Social Enterprises and CICs limited by guarantee in England. National organisations with local branches (with their own management committee and bank account) can apply. New organisations that can demonstrate they are financially robust can apply.

What #iwill funds:

  • Staff costs - Budget for staffing, including full-time staff, part time staff, sessional staff and other related expenses e.g. a volunteer coordinator
  • Development and capacity building costs – Budget to help build capacity and sustainability of organisation e.g. staff/volunteer training, external consultancy fees
  • Volunteer costs - Budget for reimbursements of expenses, e.g. telephone calls, travel and meals
  • Activity costs - Budget for resources to facilitate a project / activity (which are not already included as part of equipment, volunteer or staffing costs) e.g. catering, insurance
  • Skills development projects, which help young people be ‘social action-ready’
  • Established groups with an existing youth provision may apply for NEW projects or an expansion and development of an existing project (recruiting new young people etc) which meet the aims of #iwill
  • Continuation funding for previously funded organisations is available, where the organisation can demonstrate effective and impactful use of the previous grant and learning and adaptation of processes.

What #iwill does not fund:

  • Statutory services
  • Activities promoting religious or party-political activity
  • Capital costs / large equipment costs – small scale equipment, such as tools are acceptable up to 10% of the requested grant
  • Individual sponsorship
  • Activities generating private profit
  • Organisations that are in receipt of a current #iwill grant from a Community Foundation (unless the grant is due to be spent and monitoring submitted before the new grant would be awarded)

Applicant groups must comply with CCF's due diligence checks as detailed on the Apply page.

Funded Projects

Cambridge Museum of Technology received £1,500 to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get hands-on engineering experience

Woodcraft Folk received £1,000 to provide leadership training opportunities and outdoor confidence building activities for young people and volunteers working with them

Wintercomfort received £1,500 to train students top work with homeless people and set up a pop-up café catering for the local homeless community

Power 2 Creativity received £1,500 to run art, music and dance workshops for young people who are at risk of offending, in partnership with Peterborough City Council and the YMCA

KICK received £1,250 to run a mentoring programme where sixth form students are trained to support younger students in their school and volunteer with an after-school club for primary school children

The Kite Trust received £1,500 to provide one-to-one sessions for 200 young people who identify as LGBT+ to equip them to be more active members of society

Power2Inspire received £1,500 to train groups of Year 8, 9 or 10 students to organise and deliver an inclusive and adapted sports day at a local primary or secondary school

Boxing Futures received £1,000 to continue to run boxing programmes for young people who are NEET or associated with substance misuse

Cambridge Hands-on Science (CHaOS) received £750 to recruit student volunteers to demonstrate experiments at the 'Crash, Bang, Squelch!' science event

Viva Arts and Community Group received £2,000 to provide weekly arts sessions for 5 - 14 year olds to equip them with skills needed to take on leadership roles and participate in positive activities

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue received £2,000 to provide a firebreak course and mentoring scheme for 11-13 year olds to equip them to run social action projects in their local communities

Living Sport received £1,500 to provide training and opportunities for young people to volunteer at sports events which encourage people to become more active

Young People March received £1,000 to offer activities and volunteering opportunities at Friday evening sessions to develop the skills and ambitions of young people

Families First Peterborough received £750 to identify young people aged 13 to 19 to devise and run social action projects in their local community, and £750 to offer social action opportunities for10 -12 year olds from the Dogsthorpe Ward in Peterborough to enable them to make a positive contribution in their local community

Romsey Mill Trust received £1,500 to give 14-21 year olds from low income and disadvantaged families the opportunity to take on leadership roles in youth groups and receive training in youth work

Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre received £1,000 to equip a mentor in each of their four centres to support young people to pursue a volunteering opportunity in their local community

Bottisham Village College received £500 to enable students to be involved in an educational art initiative engaging artists, scientific researchers and patients at Addenbrooke's

Stretham Youth Club received £1,000 to employ a part-time youth worker to actively encourage and enable young people to participate in community projects

Eddie's received £1,000 to support young volunteers aged 18 to 25 to befriend young people with a learning disability aged 13 to 25 years who may feel isolated and lack life skills

Waterbeach and Landbeach Action for Youth (WAY) received £1,000 to set up a volunteer rewards scheme to provide volunteering opportunities for young people aged 11-16 years of age

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire received £1,000 to train up 25 young carers to deliver carers awareness sessions in various settings within their communities to develop their skills

Cambridge Student Community Action received £1,250 to recruit and retain 50 student volunteers aged 17-21 for projects supporting disabled and disadvantaged children and adults<

EqualiTeach received £1,000 to run an all-day event for 40 young people from 10 schools in Peterborough to raise awareness about the dangers of stereotyping

Cambridge Junction received £1,250 towards the cost of support workers enabling young people with disabilities to become volunteer peer mentors year round for the Total Arts project and paid facilitators for the film festival